LAT PRO ATF Transmission Fluid

When you’re a serious Racer and you want all your components on you car to work properly you need to make sure you use the right equipment! What’s the worst thing for your Transmission? Heat that’s correct heat is the worst thing. You can protect your Transmission by dropping those temps by making sure the fluid your using is  can withstand whatever you throw at it. That’s where LAT Lubricants come in with their PRO ATF Lite which is a 20wt , PRO ATF which is a 30wt and the PRO ATF MAX 50wt. All the LAT trans fluid will drop your temps protect against shearing, create firmer shifts and extent the life of your Transmission. Riccardi Racing is a Authorized distributor / warehouse on the East Coast and has all your LAT  Lubricant needs.         

LAT PRO MAX ATF Part # Unit Packed Price Total Quantity Select All 330062-1G
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