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One of the first things that came under scrutiny when developing the Mighty Mite C4 was the valve body- the trans-brake valve body in particular.

What was available in the 1990's was inadequate to say the least.

In order for a brake valve body to become a part of the Mighty Mite buildup it would have to hold a car at any RPM, eliminate the dreaded 2-3 flair, and do its part in making clutches live longer.

Extensive modifications and repeated testing resulted in a brake valve body that accomplished these things and more.

The change to a heavy duty external solenoid soon became an industry standard as the DYNAMIC Bracket Brake- or Mighty Mite Brake as many refer to it- became 'the one' to own.

Another feature that many racers and street enthusiasts quickly came to love is the ability to reverse a vehicle without having to engage the trans-brake button, as is the norm for pro-tree type brakes.

Lightning quick reactions, the best shift in the industry, and ease of use continue to make this brake the only choice for racers in the know!

When ordering for a C4 with a 'screw-in' type modulator, measure the o.d. of the modulator valve. This will ensure you receive the right brake valve.

Until further notice, a core is required. Please call us at 203/315-0138 or email us at dynamicracemail@aol.com for details.

Weight 8 oz


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