727 Competition Transmission W/Brake [DT7B4]


The Dynamic Racing 727 Comp Transmission with Brake has all the great features of our Ol’ Reliable Competition transmission, with the addition of a Reverse Pattern Trans Brake with low band apply.

Making a stout unit that can handle everything a drag racing Mopar can dish out and provide better reaction times.

Every unit starts with a fully inspected core. It then gets the full Dynamic treatment including:

  • oil circuit modifications
  • Competition clutches
  • Reinforced band strut
  • Bolt-in rear sprag
  • Blueprinted front pump
  • Redesigned circuitry in the valve body.
  • Billet Rear servo

After assembly the unit goes on our in-house dynomometer and is run through the gears to ensure proper pressures and gear engagement.

Finally it is painted gloss black and packaged for freight shipping anywhere in the world.

Give us a call for options that can be added to this unit.

Built to order.

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